Cha Moods has been hosting various tea tasting events at our humble home in the city center of Amsterdam! Drop by to meet the founders of Cha Moods and fellow tea lovers in the Netherlands. You won't be disappointed.



New and Aged Tea Tasting with Yang

Date: 14th July 2024
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: Nieuwe Herengracht 25H, 1011RL Amsterdam

2020 Laoshu Gongmei Cake | witte thee | Mei Xiangjing Thee & Kruiden- Cha Moods


Privé Wuyi Hong Cha/ Yancha Proeverij

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Gebeurtenissen in het verleden

28/04/2024: a curated exploration of first flush Chinese green teas, freshly picked and harvested this Spring before Qing Ming Festival (4th April). This exclusive tasting event by Cha Moods is a celebration of the freshest, cherry on top of the cream of Chinese green teas, aimed at both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. 

24/03/2024: Exploration into the world of Taiwanese teas and scents, freshly sourced from our latest winter expedition. This exclusive tasting event by Cha Moods celebrates not only the diversity of Taiwanese teas but also introduces our exquisite agarwood scent collection, enhancing the tea experience.

11/02/2024: Chinese New Year Special Tea Tasting: We tasted 2015 aged shu Pu'er from Master Zhuang Jin Li, some Gaozong Shuixian from San Yang Feng, Wuyishan, and also 2013 Wild Aged White Peony.

13/09/2022: PRIVATE AGED WHITE TEA TASTING from Tea Master Mei Xiang Jin, an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage for the techniques of crafting White Tea in the most authentic area: Fuding.

10/07/2022: 2022 First Flush Green Tea Tasting: We tasted some of the most exlusive Ming Qian Xihu Long Jing and other Ming Qian Green teas from China.

23/10/2022: Wuyi 'Yan Cha' Oolong Tea | Autumn Tasting Event: We tasted the classic Da Hong Pao, Rou Gui and Shuixian from the Zhengyan regions, together with a surprising Qi Zhong.

18/02/2023: AGED witte thee
Een zeldzame verzameling Tea Master Mei Xiang Jin gerijpte premium witte thee cake. We halen deze cakes uit elkaar en laten je kennismaken met de heerlijke simplistische en toch complexe smaken van witte thee.

13/05/2023: First Flush Green Tea - Amsterdam: Following our recent journey to Hangzhou and Yunnan, we've handpicked the finest treasures of Spring directly from the tea farms: Xi Hu Long Jing and Anji Bai Cha, both harvested within the pre-Qing-Ming window, also known as the First Flush.

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